Web Design For Your Small Business

A business website is often the gateway for new customers coming in to find out new information about a particular company. This is why the business website needs to stand out and make it easy for potential new clients to find what they are looking for. Simply tossing up a standard template website is not going to help out much when it comes to this, which is why a small business needs to know what to do in order to increase its exposure, and how to bring about a better return on investment. There are different ways to create a one of a kind website that is going to look great but also provide desirable functionality as well.

Keep it Simple

It is necessary to keep the website design simple. Far too many small business owners who are new to the world of Internet design want to put in too much information on the front page. The problem with this is it makes it difficult to focus on one thing and the average Internet attention span is rather short, which means it is that much more challenging for someone to focus on any one thing often resulting in them leaving the website. By keeping it simple and only providing the basic, most helpful content on the front page you accomplish two goals; driving traffic to other areas of your website and also keeping the load times of each web page to a minimum. Web pages that load slowly due to too much content are one easy way to kill your website.

Make it Visually Interesting

The old saying of a picture is worth a thousand words is true in many different ways, including website design. Often times a single image is more valuable than a full paragraph of text. Having a short line under the picture describing it can help, but using images in the website design can do wonders. Plus, adding tags to the image helps improve the visual search element of the website’s SEO, which in turn may bring in more traffic, clients, and customers to the website. Videos can also prove to be useful, as long as the video is short. A visitor to the website does not want to see an eight minute video on the front page. Offering more in-depth videos on various pages after the visitor has proven their interest can help but in general, videos should be kept around two minutes in length. This way, the visitor does not back out of the website simply because they don’t want to spend the time watching the entire video.


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